SB3X and IOTA contest

Due to some logistical issues we participated in this years IOTA contest from Klösan Island (still EU-087) instead of the previous announced operation from Brämön. In total I made 2321 QSO’s during my stay at Klösan. About 650 of these was made during the constest.

All QSO’s is now uploaded to LoTW. QSL’s will be printed and distributed during autumn.

Club Log’s OQRS system can be used to request QSL’s.

My brother, SAØBVX, was also active in the contest, but with the SD3W call. His QSO will also be uploaded to LoTW as soon as he get’s his account.

SB3X DXCC 2012 summary from ClubLog

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Om Adde

Born 1970, Licensed 1987. Active on HF since summer 2011.
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